Vidyoday Muktangan Parivar Foundation


VMPF is a systems change & research organization that helps innovate the scientific temper, life skills and intellectual development of Students through activity based learning modules.

We envision

A Society creating social leaders from the education system.

We Believe

At VMPF that children can learn better by providing real life experiences of things rather than directly jumping to the books.

We believe that the curriculum should shape through activities that children do which are more meaningful and relevant to them.

‘Learning by Doing’ which is one of the most popular approaches in education is also the core of VMPF’s Philosophy. With an aim to build the diverse aspects of the personality of children that includes knowledge, skills, values and attitudes, we believe in providing diverse learning experiences to children.

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There will be a day–in our lifetime–when every Student will act with scientific temper, perform the action with Universal Human Values. 

We want to celebrate that day with you.

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Current Projects


We deliver experiential learning program which help student adapt diverse skills of problem-solving; Inquiry, observation, identifying-analyzing problems and thinking through solutions, which forms a whole process of scientific method.


We are Experimenting and spreading innovative, cost-effective and replicable models of teaching and learning through collaborations with schools and other institutions in the education sector.


VMPF provides an education that not only leads to intellectual or cognitive growth which is the major focus of today’s education, but also growth in other dimensions such as emotional, psycho-motor, social, aesthetic and spiritual.

Join us to create future Social Change-makers.

What else we do ?

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Vidyoday SSS Batch 1 Nature trip (2016-17 )

We are working with 5000+ students to unlock their inner Potential.


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