Activity, Science and fluent English

Hello VMPF lovers,

This is an attempt from Puja; a student from Dnyandeep project, who tried to understand the electrostatic force by doing an experiment. She used simple balloon and pieces of paper to understand this textbook based concept in real.

The proud thing for us is the English communication that this girl did explaining this experiment.

Pooja adopted textbook concepts with English communication

She was quite confident while explaining this and all credit goes to the the Dnyandeep team who is working so hard relentlessly for last 6 months taking sessions online and offline for 200 students.

There are many students like Puja who are working hard on their abilities to be a social leader for future India. Please be a part of their development by being a monthly donor. You can choose monthly (500/1000) or annual(12000) as per your convenience.


Published by VMPF

Vidyoday is an organisation started by like minded youth with an aim to reforming society through innovations in education. We believe that in order to come up with a long term solution for contemporary problems, the society is waiting for a much needed reform in education which has the capacity to reach each individual and shape the entire society

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