Shravani, Diya Making and Aatmnirbhar Diwali

Vidyoday Diwali Skills Development Initiative

Part 1

Shravani, Student and future Entrepreneur under Skill Development Initiative, sharing her experience of Diyas Selling.

“ How much for the yellow Diyas? ”

“ Sixty rupees, sir ! “

While selling the last box of diyas for the day, Shravani (name has been changed) was happy to see her handicrafts being sold and her eyes watered with the memories of hardships from past few months. We all Dnyandeep’s students have been painting lanterns and chandeliers for last few weeks. During Covid-19 time, my mother’s handloom job was lost and she started working as a farm laborer wherever she could find wages in the village. Father was coolie but his earning stopped for the last four-five months!

With the help of Dnyandeep fellows, we received the ration kit in Summer. School was closed, but Dnyandeep’s activity learning sessions were on and being in touch with my friends from school was the only positive thing in my life. The rest was dark.

When Vinayak dada (Co-founder and CEO, VMPF) proposed this ‘Skill Development Initiative’ before us a month ago, our eyes lit up with joy. The artwork, playing with colors was not only fun but also an opportunity to persevere and do something. Vinayak Dada said that, we will not only paint diyas, but sell them too! We had much fear in our mind like, who will buy diyas and chandeliers from school going children like us??

There were a lot of challenges beyond this. Students, that too girl students, selling diyas in the village squares, which is foreign thing for the entire village ! Many among Abdullat (village) just inquired about it, but when they said, ‘Your diyas are expensive,’ we went to Dada again. He challenged us and said, “You only figure it out!”

Then we discussed tricks to increase marketing by reducing our production cost. We brought a thermos of tea from our home and started serving free tea on cold mornings and evenings to the customers. We made Paper hoarding and put it in the visible area saying, ‘ FIND WIDE RANGE OF VARIETY IN ATTRACTIVE COLOURS : DIYAS AND CHANDELIERS.’ saying ‘No Mask, No, Panati (Diyas)’ to the incoming customers, we sold diyas, chandeliers only after sanitizing them. All these efforts helped to raise the sale.

‘Learning by doing’ is the USP of Dnyandeep project and Vidyoday ! This year, for the first time, under the ‘Skill Development Initiative’, students carried out the production and sale of diyas, chandeliers and perfume too.

Nav Maharashtra’s YouTube channel publicized of Vidyoday’s skill developemnt initiative.

I hereby appeal to all our friends to order it online by going to the following website this Diwali and promote the formation of future rurban entrepreneurs, ‘Aatmnirbhar students‘.

Diya selling website :


Published by VMPF

Vidyoday is an organisation started by like minded youth with an aim to reforming society through innovations in education. We believe that in order to come up with a long term solution for contemporary problems, the society is waiting for a much needed reform in education which has the capacity to reach each individual and shape the entire society

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