Let’s celebrate Diwali with sugarcane workers

आओ जलाये दीप वहाँ जहाँ अभी भी अंधेरा है Hello to all our well wishers and admirers, Happy Diwali to all in advance. For the last 5 years, Vidyoday Muktangan Parivar Foundation has run Sevankur Sugar School and  Study Centers at various places in Shirol tehsil so that the children of sugarcane workers can continue…

Shravani, Diya Making and Aatmnirbhar Diwali

Vidyoday Diwali Skills Development Initiative Part 1 Shravani, Student and future Entrepreneur under Skill Development Initiative, sharing her experience of Diyas Selling. “ How much for the yellow Diyas? ” “ Sixty rupees, sir ! “ While selling the last box of diyas for the day, Shravani (name has been changed) was happy to see…

पणतीविक्री आणि आत्मनिर्भर विद्यार्थी

विदयोदय दिवाळी विक्री कौशल्य उपक्रम भाग 1 श्रावणी, विद्यार्थिनी व छोटी उद्योजिका (कौशल्य उपक्रम) हिचे मनोगत “ ही जांभळी पणती कितीला दिली? ” “ साठ रुपयांना !” दिवसातला शेवटचा पणत्यांचा बॉक्स विकत असताना श्रावणीला (नाव बदललेलं आहे) आपल्या कलाकुसरीचे होत असलेले चीज पाहून आनंद तर झालाच आणि डोळे पाणावले. ज्ञानदीपच्या सगळ्या मैत्रिणी गेले महिनाभर पणत्या,…

Activity, Science and fluent English

Hello VMPF lovers, This is an attempt from Puja; a student from Dnyandeep project, who tried to understand the electrostatic force by doing an experiment. She used simple balloon and pieces of paper to understand this textbook based concept in real. The proud thing for us is the English communication that this girl did explaining…


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VMPF is a systems change & research organization that helps innovate the scientific temper, life skills and intellectual development of Students through activity based learning modules.

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