Dnyandeep Project


Dnyandeep Project is an aspirational project of Vidoyday Muktangan Parivar Foundation (Known as Vidyoday), working with Zilla Parishad primary schools to inculcate life skills in students of standard 6 and 7.

The facilitator is engaged for 2 hours every day with students by applying various experimental learning tools to build their grasping capacity. The project is running for the past educational year(2019-20) and helping to improve the educational quality of 5 government schools and creating future leaders with strong life skills.

This project used to run in available classrooms of Government schools with support of teachers and headmasters. We could see students trying to find answers for the local problems. They are taking initiatives to discuss river pollution and casteism in villages.

VMPF created a platform for street plays during the 10 Ganesh Festival. 50+ students performed on 5 social awareness themes across 10 villages. It was witnessed by 1000 people. Students were filled with confidence, gender equality while working with the opposite gender. These are big shifts we could witness in this project.

During the current lockdown, we are bridging the gap between students and the learning by arranging two hour sessions at a rented hall in the village using all Covid-19 and social distancing norms.


Fellows are putting their lives at risk (with due precautions) while contacting the families of their students. They are collecting their requirement of the hour and supporting them emotionally in this pandemic situation.

Our students made beautiful Rakhis, sold them in villages and earned handsome profit and business skills as life skills for life.

Kitchen science – students cooked Misal (popular Marathi cuisine) and learnt basic scientific facts behind same, broke gender neutral role traditions by entering into kitchen for the first time.

This is learning with fun for Vidoyday.
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Project Special Features

  • Unique project for the region and government schools
  • Facilitators are local women teachers
  • Teacher training to the facilitators
  • Capacity building of the facilitators
  • Fellows under GSP (Gramin Shiksha Parivartan) Fellowship
  • Collaboration with Government teachers
  • Positive results in 3 months after evaluation of the project
Training program of facilitators

Monthly Reports from Fellows

Our Fellows documented the activities of the sessions and the events conducted in the year 2019-20.

Following are the Monthly report PDF links between June 2019 and February 2020.

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