Learning by Doing ? How?

Organization Philosophy

Learning by Doing’ which is one of the most popular approaches in education is also the core of VMPF’s Philosophy.

With an aim to build the diverse aspects of the personality of children that includes knowledge, skills, values and attitudes, we believe in providing diverse learning experiences to children.

We believe that children can learn better by providing real life experiences of things rather than directly jumping to the books. This however does not translate into teaching concepts in books through activities. We believe that the curriculum should shape through activities that children do which are more meaningful and relevant to them. Segregating the curriculum into various subjects and teaching as disconnected entities makes learning artificial. Using activities to teach such curriculum is a narrowed approach to teaching through the ‘learning by doing’ approach.

Alternatively a curriculum emerging from a child’s own activities is more integrated and contextualized which also keeps up the motivation of child and keeps him connected to the reality. Such a model has the potential to address many of the difficulties in learning. Such a model is generally termed as the ‘Project based learning’ and we seek to develop a model of education along these principles.

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