Shiksha Samvad

Project Summary

Shiksha Samvad is a pan-india continuous engagement program with teachers from multiple local body schools, NGOs and educational institutions. It introduces teachers to the PBL (Problem based Learning) method in conventional teaching and other important aspects using the constructivism approach of education.

The program runs for 2 days (5 hours each) with minimum 10 teachers to foster the development of PBL in their own classrooms as well as become role models for their students when it comes to life. Organization did conduct several Shiksha Samvad programs for the last 4 years in metro cities, semi towns and rural urban setups. We were engaged with education sector NGOs like Learning Links (Mumbai), Gram Shiksha Sanstha (Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan), Vidya Chetana (Kolhapur), TANDA (an TISS initiative) so far.

What Shiksha Samvad does ?

  1.   Understand the concept of PBL education
  2.   Identify creative tools for PBL education and start using them in classrooms.
  3.  Recognize common behavioral issues in students and find effective ways to deal with them.
  4.  Identify and use simple classroom management techniques that help reinforce PBL.
  5. To help teachers plan and conduct PBL sessions

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