We envision a society where the youth are equipped with the necessary skills to address societal needs and problems through innovation and Entrepreneurship.


Experimenting and developing innovative models of teaching and learning.

To provide children with opportunities of application of their learning to address their real life needs and problems.

Who we are

Vidyoday Muktangan parivar Foundation (aka VMPF) is an research and catalyst organization started to transform learning pattern of students from rural schools.

We conduct science based experiment cum toys making workshops, run limited period school (continuing education program) for sugar workers’ children, conducts workshops for teachers to introduce PBL system in the learning of a child. Our job is to make learning simple and relevant, so that we could reach to our goal of reforming society through innovations in current education system.

We believe that every child has quest to learn, and we hope that our organization can enhance the education system while introducing ‘learning by doing concept’ and will create future social leaders among students.

Why we exist ?

The Kolhapur district has a great history of nurturing scientific temper and holistic development from Shahu Maharaja’s social work. Today, many innovative experimental Zilla Parishad schools are working for the objective of holistic development of students.

During our surveys, we found out that Vidyoday can create more learning opportunities to the students which will support the efforts of Zilla Parishad school teachers to become a complex problem solving leader.

This would catalyze the learning of bright young minds from these schools. Vidyoday exists to nurture the creativity, values and life skills of such bright creative minds through our work and projects.

Growth of VMPF over the years

VMPF, established in 2016 as a charitable trust – later converted into section- 8 not for profit management-has this objective to create an environment for Zilla Parishad schools students to become a problem solving social leaders in their future lives.

Vidyoday aims at transforming children into a youth who will be better equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills, attitude and motivation to address our societal needs and problems.

What we do ?

Under Project Dnyandeep, we run 2 hour activity based session and also running various initiatives which help the young sections of the society to develop their life.

We do organize training sessions for the teachers across India to inculcate problem solving skills in the facilitation of teachers in their schools.

We also are running Fun Lane School (गम्मत गल्ली शाळा) which aims at continuing the education and learning of th e students from class 5 to class 10 in lanes of villages during the lockdown period for last 5 months.

गंमत गल्ली शाळा , शाखा 3 , समतानगर , अब्दुल लाट | लेख

शिक्षणाची गोडी टीकावी म्हणून !

We wanted to create a sustainable and activity based education curriculum system for the Zilla Parishad schools in next 10 years.

What do we dream ?

We wanted to create a role model for all Zilla Parishad schools in Maharashtra based on activity based curriculum. In order to achieve this dream we are currently focusing on 8 schools of Shirol Tehsil and looking forward to create such as sustainable learning system across 160 schools of Shirol Tehsil with the cooperation of Zilla Parishad school teachers.

We know that, it is humanly difficult and challenging to reach out to such extent with such creative curriculum. That’s why we are in process to create a learning manual out of our experiences while working with eight schools and ready to collaborate with the organizations working with the same mindset to spread the model in other parts of the District.

We organize resource personality visits, conduct Street plays, organize study trips and nature field visits for the students; also organize creative writing and handwriting workshops.

We do organize Rakhi making and chandelier making workshops to nurture the creativity of a student along with business as life skill.

Please go through the post to know more about imbibing business skill through activity :


We are organizing a science competitions and science fest on every 28th February to nurture The Little scientists among the students from the tahsil for last 4 years.

Science Festival 2020

Vidyoday is the way to innovate education and experimental learning through such initiatives, to achieve the aim of sustainable and experiential education system and contribute by attempting to create a model for Shirol Tehsil in Kolhapur district.

Whom we serve

Government Schools
Sec. School Teachers
Education sector NGOs

Core Purpose

To create a social change through the education system.

Empathy, Innovation, Professionalism, Credibility, Pro-activeness, Team Work and Equality.

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