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Vidyoday Muktangan Parivar Foundation

We are excited to introduce a transformed education system for you.  The system is to use activity based learning tools in the learning process of students. We are more invested in the needy, bright students of the Government schools in our early intervention. 

We are collaborating with Teachers, Headmasters of government schools for Dnyandeep Project. Civil Society organizations like Rotary and Inner Wheel international are supporting us with the resources in our endeavor. NGOs working with same objectives are also mentoring us for capacity building of our organization.

We are blessed with local partners who put immense faith in us and adapted the project. We also are blessed with the support of all government schools (known as Zilla parishad schools) and teacher staff of the schools. We would be unable to implement what we thought without such strong support system.

We are creating a network that will help to reach the world class, innovative education to rural students. 

“ Our vision is to channelize the activity based learning education system available in some class schooling system from metros to the rural government school students. We call it bridging the education or Shikshan Setu’.

Vinayak Mali,

Co-Founder and CEO, VMPF.

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